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Private Puppy Programme

There is nothing more exciting than bringing home a new pup feeling prepared and full of anticipation for your journey together. Only it can be, that your darling little puppy has other ideas.. a few days in you find you spend most of your day dodging shark teeth and on an endless poop scoop cycle and feel sleep deprived and totally overwhelmed.


Our Private Puppy Programme has been founded by experts to meet the needs of puppy owners.  Many start with the best intentions but panic and send puppies away to residential training. This unfortunately frequently causes more harm than good. It is an incredibly sensitive age and given the pup has already made the adjustment from their mum and breeder to their new busy London life, further sudden upheaval can be detrimental to development. Dogs often do not generalise well and need to understand their environment and their humans, they aren't robots that can be fine tuned elsewhere and then sent back 'fixed'.


The aim for most dog owners is for them to fit happily into your life and your routine - and be well behaved for you! It’s not about pack leaders and as we all know alpha theory has been debunked many a time.


Building a mutual understanding, meeting requirements and managing expectations is key.


Habituating a puppy with their new environment and forming a bond based on trust is the best way set everyone up for success. 


They say it takes a village - but in fact it takes a team! A team of experts, and we are unbelievably lucky to have a dedicated, knowledgable range of behaviourists, trainers, solo walkers and group walkers. Our aim as a company is to be as supportive as possible to all members of our service and offer holistic, comprehensive assistance.


Why is this important?

Lots of factors go into having a ‘good dog’. It starts with an excellent breeder, a kind and confident mum, great genetics, being weaned onto premium natural food and extensive careful early socialisation. So much development happens in these first 8 weeks.


When your puppy comes to you, the 8 weeks that follow are just as important. If the early developmental stages are managed carefully, you and your puppy are set up for success. The baby puppy part can often be easier (and shorter!) than adolescence!.. Issues that arise for most from 6 months onwards are far more manageable if excellent groundwork is in place.

Our puppy programme only takes a few select members at any one time depending on the requirements for each family.

We cover the following but tailor the programme according to each individual puppy...

  • Toilet Training

  • Play-Biting and Mouthing

  • Cues: Sit, Down, Look, Touch

  • Recall

  • Crate/Puppy Pen and Help with Over Attachment

  • Loose-Lead Walking

  • Settlework

  • Puppy Body Language

  • Excessive Vocalisation

  • Our Own KH Extensive Socialisation Checklist​


For members of our puppy programme we have group WhatsApp chats between your household and our trainers and admin so that if you have questions between sessions you can pop them over and we will get back to you.

We even offer 30 minute solo training walks or pre-vaccination socialisation outing slots Monday - Thursdays exclusively to members of our Puppy Programme. 



1 Training Session per Week

1 Solo Puppy Training Walk

WhatsApp Chat for Support

20 bags of Premium Treats

£125 per week


2 Training Sessions per Week

2 Solo Puppy Training Walks

WhatsApp Chat for Support

20 bags of Premium Treats

£240 per week


3 Training Sessions per Week

3 Solo Puppy Training Walks

WhatsApp Chat for Support

20 bags of Premium Treats

£350 per week


The KH Private Puppy Programme works on a rolling weekly basis but is not contractual and can be altered or paused at any time to make space for new puppies. 

If you haven't brought home your pup yet or are not yet sure of the level of support required please click the link below and we can discuss and build a plan together.

If you require help but don't wish to be enrolled in the programme that's fine too! Our team have whelped, raised and trained many different breeds and personalities over the years and we look forward to supporting you with your new family member.

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