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We are immensely proud of our beautiful doggies, but what makes our service is our amazing team! 

We don't recruit often and it takes someone quite special to be a KH Team Member!

For job enquiries please send a CV and Cover Note to


Founder, Director & Behaviourist

Drew is a Qualified Dog Trainer and keen researcher currently undertaking the IMDTB Behaviourist

Qualification accredited by OCN. 

After 5 years of group walks Drew went to full time training in 2022 and his day is made up of 1-to-1 sessions helping pups in need.

His understanding of dog behaviour is second to none and his patience and diligence in practicing and modifying behaviours using kind and effective methods has helped so many of our dogs become well rounded, happy pups. He is in exceptionally high demand and we often find clients don't want to give up their slots they enjoy the training so much!



Director & Administrator

Drew's partner Georgie runs the day to day scheduling, timetabling and administration including this website and our partner business The Hound Club. She runs our custom app and is the first point of contact for all enquiries and queries. 


She has completed courses with the IMDT, studied a fascinating hormones and neutering course by Sarah Whitehead and is currently working through a Canine Nutrition Diploma with the BCCS.

Georgie runs our early morning retriever pack and occasionally takes on mentoring clients to fast track them into groups.



Trainer & Shop Manager


Drew's cousin Glen is a firm favourite with many of our dogs - and owners! He does group walks in the morning, mentoring and training sessions in the afternoon and shop orders for The Hound Club!

He excels in bringing confidence to our shyer pups and so many of our pack dote on him and some of our clients refer to him as the KH MVP!!

You may spot him wearing shorts in the dead of winter with his doodle pack in a perfect off leash heel looking up with him with adoration. His ability to teach pups new skills is truly fantastic and he is an invaluable asset to our team.



Trainer and Group Walks Manager

Initially introduced to us by a mutual friend, KH wouldn't be what it is today without Ryan. He has been with us for over 4 years and completed courses with the IMDT, he is our Dachshund and toy breed fan! He is currently undertaking Level 4 in Canine Behaviour with the BCCS.


Ryan has a natural enthusiasm with all of our dogs and is fantastic at using clicker training to help shape positive behaviours in anxious, energetic pups.


His expertise in recognising doggie body language is invaluable to our groups and he oversees our other walkers if Georgie is not present. His 1-to-1 sessions are fantastic and his clients adore him.



Behaviourist and Dog Trainer

Alison has worked with dogs for the past 27 years and as dog trainer and behaviourist in K&C since 2005 running the Borough's most popular puppy classes. 

She has a foundation degree in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training. She is a qualified Veterinary Nurse and Scentwork UK instructor and is a member of the APDT and PPG both of which promote kind, positive training methods. 

Alison lives with her husband and 2 children and their Hungarian Vizsla, Luna. Her lovely manner puts all dogs and clients at ease and she is a fantastic asset to our team.



Group Walker and Petsitting Administrator

Georgie's brother Jamie used to be our resident Husky wrangler and tend specifically to our multi dog households prior to graduating in Russian and Business a few years ago. 

We are extremely lucky to have him back on board as his passion for dogs & customer care skills shows daily in his work with us. He has a few mentoring slots for some lucky pups who are on the fast track to groups. 


He has been taking on further managerial duties and is in charge of monitoring the administration for our teams busy housesitting schedules at



Administrator and Walker

Golden Retriever lover and all round superstar Hannah has been an incredible addition to our team at the beginning of 2022.


She holds a degree in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience and has previous doggy experience volunteering for the RSPCA in Australia.


Hannah is a very quick learner and picks up new methods and handling techniques efficiently and with ease. She is our little ray of sunshine - much like a golden! - and a favourite with canines and clients alike. 



Driver and Dog Walker

Jared came to us after spending 6 years teaching English to children in China! He is near fluent in Chinese and learning to 'speak dog' even quicker.

Our pack members warmed to him immediately and he has excelled in teaching reliable recall to some of our adolescent pups! He is a gentle giant himself and has a natural affinity with our giant and large breed dogs.

He is patient and kind and when he's not walking in the park he also offers his services as a petsitter to our lucky KH members!



Dog Walker & Pet Sitter

Coming to us as a dog lover with multiple years experience as a cricket coach for teens, Idris also has infinite patience and a knack for picking up new skills quickly.

Great at looking out for the little guy, Idris became a favourite among the discerning dachshund's straight away. He's mastering clicker training, mentored by our senior team members and his timing is really excellent.


When he's not walking or doing sporty things he also loves caring for dogs in their homes as part of our petsitting service. 



Walker and Driver

Coming to us with 2 years of doggy daycare experience, Lauren is kind and patient with all of our furry friends.


Growing up her family always had German Shepherds so she is up for a challenge and well on her way to understanding the complexities of the canine brain!


She is learning the KH way and further theory from our senior training team and we are so excited to have her join us. 



Petsitter & Occasional Friday Walker

Alex came to us initially from another dog care company just to help us cover holiday and we were extremely lucky that she stayed with us much longer.


She now has a corporate job but after growing up in the Cotswolds with 7 labradors we often manage to tempt her in to help us on our Friday hikes and she has helped out many a time when we've been inundated with petsitting requests. 

She has an amazingly calm way with dogs and we are very fortunate to have her as an alumni!

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