Kensington raw dog food

As dog owners ourselves, we understand that having a happy dog is not quite as straight forward as just giving them a fun walk! As much as socialisation and proper exercise is super important we believe that a healthy dog is a happy dog and for us this begins with nutrition and a proper diet.


After a few months of being puppy parents we realised that upset tummies not only affects our pooches health but also their behaviour! We did lots of research and consulted with various veterinary teams and nutritionists and decided to try our pup on a raw diet. We trialled various brands and products and found Natures Menu Country Hunter Nuggets came highly recommended. From his first meal we have never looked back! We now supply raw food to over 40 dogs in the borough. Our clients dogs thrive on their award winning, easy 'pour and thaw' meals which make raw feeding easy even for the busiest of households.


Our pups are always complemented in the park on their shiny coats and eyes, perfect teeth and enthusiasm for life and we put this down to their diet. There have been less vet visits, less scavenging behaviours and an improvement in previously hyperactive pooches since being on Natures Menu. We also use only NM treats on our walks! These high value rewards help with training, recall and improve behaviour whilst also being great for your pet.

In addition to supplying for Natures Menu, we are approved trade suppliers for the luxury Green and Wilds, and for single protein wonder company JR Pet Products. For further information on benefits of raw food or for a free trial of our freezer to freezer service please get in touch! 

In addition to our raw food delivery service, 2020 brings the launch of our exciting new venture 'the HOUND box'! Available UK wide our monthly subscription box service is jam packed full of quality, tried and tested goods with everything from leading brands to smaller local businesses. Each box contains yummy treats, quality chews, interactive toys, compostable poop bags and we've also partnered with some fantastic industry experts to bring subscribers hints, tips and tricks about how to keep your hound happy and healthy! Visit our partner website to find out more..